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Helping Students Thrive Since 2012

UC Berkeley’s undocumented students are gaining an equal opportunity to earn a degree, thrive in the workforce, and make the world a better place, regardless of where they were born.

Use our model to develop an undocumented student program for your campus.

So many reasons to act


Number of undocumented students that graduate from US high schools each year


Proportion of the undocumented students at Cal who are served by our USP


Amount undocumented immigrants contribute in state and local taxes each year

Develop a program for your campus

We are committed to helping other educational institutions support undocumented youth. Use this behind-the-scenes access to UC Berkeley’s Undocumented Student Program (USP) to help you develop a well-rounded, service-based program tailored to your students’ needs. (Please see our Terms of Use).

Learn Together

Three times a year, we host conference calls with institutions working to create, build, or improve their undocumented student programs. Take part in the calls to discuss relevant issues, gain information, and ignite your inspiration.

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