Working with campus student groups is an important way to ensure student voices inform the development and delivery of any undocumented student program. The student-run organization Rising Immigrant Scholars through Education (R.I.S.E.) helped establish the UC Berkeley USP, and continues to help include the voices of undocumented students in our decision-making.

Inspired by student voices, informed by student voices

R.I.S.E. is a student organization, composed of 20 to 35 members, that provides support services and leadership training, and promotes collective empowerment of undocumented students at UC Berkeley. In particular, R.I.S.E organizes students to promote and obtain equal access to affordable higher education.

R.I.S.E. was a key voice in advocating to create a holistic undocumented student program. Today, the USP and R.I.S.E. work collaboratively. R.I.S.E. leadership meet with USP staff on a weekly basis to ensure student voices are considered in decisions affecting undocumented students. The USP also supports R.I.S.E. members in various ways. For example, a legal fellow and psychologist attend R.I.S.E. meetings, workshops, and other activities.

In addition to their work on the UC Berkeley campus, R.I.S.E. has networks on other campuses. These connections enable undocumented students to discuss issues and share information in order to improve resources and services for all.

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Considerations for Getting Started

  • How can student groups be fully incorporated to ensure their voices inform the implementation and development of any type of program or service for undocumented students?